The end of the week

“A boil on the back of your neck is more important to you than an earthquake in China”. Dale Carnegie


In his book “how to win friends and influence people” Dale Carnegie talks of the importance of listening as he believes that the people we are listening to are a thousand times more interested in themselves and their wants than they are in you. This is one of the hardest habits to learn. How often when we listening to others are we not really listening at all, but just preparing what we plan to say next. I try and practice this habit as much as I can, as surprisingly the art of just listening to people can have a much more positive influence on them than from someone who always has an opinion to offer. I have learned through my own experiences that those around us just yearn to be heard and to be listened to even if we don’t always feel that we have all the answers.


In my project this week we have arrived at a point where there are lots going in our favour and some things which are not. As Project Managers it is a fundamental part of our role to make sure we listen to those in the team and take prompt and appropriate action when the voices of concern and consent become far too loud to ignore. I am hoping that I have not left it too late and that the  clear action plan we have put in place will have the desired effect. It would be completely inappropriate to make any comparisons with what has happened in West London this week and the comparatively insignificant decisions that we have to make at work each day, but events wherever and whatever they are should always serve to remind us that we can always be a lot better at what we do than we sometimes are.


One thought on “The end of the week”

  1. Absolutely.
    Most importantly, Project Managers need to be a active listeners, taking a conscious decision to listen and to appreciate and hopefully understand the messages of the speaker. It’s about patience and being with the person even when pauses and silences happen. It’s imperative that a Project Manager makes and keeps direct eye contact, and does not judge, nor let their own feelings and thoughts flood in and cloud the listening process.
    In fact, this is what we all need to do when we are with another human being …. we all need to be active listeners ….


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